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Land of the Ancients

4 Day

Photo Workshop & Tour

 Exclusive Semi-Private Offering

September 14 -17, 2015

SOLD OUT for the 2015 Season!

Starts in Moab and ends in Blanding, Utah

Please contact us for space availability. 

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Client testimonial: “The Land of the Ancients Photo Workshop & Tour is without a doubt the most amazing workshop I’ve ever been on. The first day included a location that is beyond belief. The images I got from this first location were worth the entire cost of the workshop itself. I took four of Cheyenne’s workshops this year and have an amazing new portfolio of images. From rusty trucks to amazing landscapes, not to mention a new mastery of HDR photography from taking Cheyenne’s online class. There is no doubt that this 4 day workshop will end up being one of the most exciting times of your life. You will have great memories, amazing images, and a renewed sense of passion and appreciation for the beauty of the Southwest. There is no question that Cheyenne knows her Southwest. I likely would have never found most of the locations we went to without signing up for the workshops.” – Ed H. – Houston, TX


Join Acclaimed Fine Art Photographer, Cheyenne L Rouse for a once in a lifetime exclusive Photo Workshop & Tour of some of the MOST magical and photogenic locations in the Southwest! If you have been thinking about building up your portfolio or about becoming more serious about your photography this is the workshop for you, don’t hesitate another second: sign up now. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for every level of photographer!

SmCrazy Redhead

This Exclusive “Semi-Private” 4 Day Photo Workshop & Tour will start in Moab, Utah and end in Blanding, Utah. We will visit and photograph some of the most mystical and magical locations in the “Four Corners” region. This Exclusive Tour is limited to no more than 3 participants to insure a complete one-on-one and very rich photo experience. My goal is to keep the tour small in an effort to immerse you in “The Land of The Ancients” so you can feel that magic and mystery that I have felt while exploring and photographing this amazing region for the last 24 years. With my degree in American Indian Studies & Ancient Southwest Cultures I will pass along some of the fascinating knowledge and history of the Ancient Ones that have lived at the locations we will be visiting and photographing in the perfect light. Some of the locations that we will visit on this tour are not on any tourist map! While the majority of participants attending my workshops are seasoned photographers needing little or no instruction, I will offer individual assistance to anyone needing help with composition, lighting, or operating their camera so they can maximize the experience. I will be using my own camera in the field for instructional purposes and to lead by example but I am always available to anyone who needs help or assistance as we are all grouped closely together.

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I have nicknamed this the tour “This ain’t your Momma’s Photo Tour” since you won’t see lines of RVs through National or State Parks or even many people (if we can help it) on this tour, which is why it will be held “off season” and midweek so we can beat the crowds. Much of this tour is off of the beaten path. You might want to read my “no holds barred” disclaimer at the bottom of the page before deciding on this workshop to be sure it is for you. Each participants will need to be personally approved by me prior to sign up – this is a rugged workshop. We will photograph awe-inspiring landscapes under moonlight and try to decipher rock art left on ancient sandstone walls. We will sit in the silence of ancient alcoves and ruins that are not on the map and were once inhabited by The Ancient Ones from about 700 AD – 1300 AD – you will feel ancient spirits keep us company as we reverently photograph these mystical ruins. This is not only an Photo Workshop but a life changing EXPERIENCE! “Land of The Ancients” SEMI-PRIVATE Photo Workshop & Tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour these mystical locations with not only an extremely passionate photographer but very knowledgeable guide. See and experience magical sights that you have only dreamed of photographing. The photographs you will go home with will boggle your mind! A complete detailed itinerary will not be provided until a deposit or payment is received as some of the locations on this tour are not on any tourist map and will be revealed on our 1st meeting. Watch my new video to SEE some of the amazing places we will visit.

Land of the Ancients Photo Workshop & Tour 2014 w/ Cheyenne L Rouse from Cheyenne L. Rouse – Photographer on Vimeo.

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Skill Level: Beginner to Professional – bring your $5000 camera or your point and shoot if you need to…it doesn’t matter! All I ask is that you KNOW how to use your equipment since this workshop is NOT about teaching you HOW to use your gear but getting you to the right place at the right time with an experienced and knowledgeable Photographer and Guide so you can get AMAZING photographs.

Dates: September 14-17, 2015 – This workshop has a minimum of 2 participants to run – 3 person MAX! Contact me at: chey.rouse@gmail.com

Photo Workshop & Tour Fee $1475* – Please contact me to confirm that there is space available for this “Exclusive 4 Day Tour”. This rugged trip requires prior approval due to it’s rugged nature. Prior to approval I will need to speak with you on the phone and then we will see if this is a trip for you. Please read my “No Holds Barred” trip disclaimer/policy below. If you are approved for this trip I will then email you an invoice via PayPal for the $400 deposit (non refundable) to hold your spot. Once your payment is received you will be emailed the detailed itinerary as well as the registration forms that you will need to read, sign and return ASAP. Final payment for the workshop is due 90 days prior to start date. Payment arrangements are availalbe as well – Contact me at: chey.rouse@gmail.com

*A portion of the proceeds from each “Land of The Ancients” Photo Workshop & Tour will go to SUWA – the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, to help protect the peaceful quiet beauty of southern Utah’s Redrock country for generations to come. 


What’s included:

–4 days of “Semi-Private” Expert Guiding, One-on-One Instruction and Local Knowledge to some of the most amazing and magical scenic locations in the Southwest. I will get you to the right place at the right time so you can get the most amazing photos. I have done all of the leg work for you – come along and find your MAGIC!

–I will do all of the driving to our locations once we get to Moab and Blanding

–All required permits and entrance fees to our locations

–Snacks and chilled bottled water

–25 years of Expert Guiding, Photographic Expertise, Location & Cultural     Knowledge by Professional Photographer & Guide, Cheyenne L Rouse

NOT included in Tour price:

–Transportation to and from Moab – We will try to go in one car to all locations when possible – tour starts in Moab, UT and ends in Blanding, UT.

–Lodging – I will provide you with links to find hotels or campgrounds in the region – there are many great choices, from upscale to rustic

–Meals – no meals are included, however, light snacks and chilled bottled water will be provided in the field

–Any personal expenses


“No Holds Barred Disclaimer”: This isn’t your Momma’s photo tour – we will be hiking in and out of some very dusty, rugged & remote regions that will require a good level of physical fitness to get to all while carrying your camera gear. Trails can be very steep, rocky and exposed. So what I am saying is this tour is NOT for the faint of heart – please take this disclaimer seriously as we won’t deviate from our itinerary or change locations. Bottom line, if you can’t make it in….you will be left at the trail head to wait for us…no kidding! If you have medical issues or problems with altitude (we will be at elevations from 4,000-6,000 ft above sea level) or heights this tour is NOT for you – please be honest with not only me but yourself about your abilities – not being honest with me about your medical issues or physical capabilities not only puts you in peril but the entire group and we don’t want to ruin anyone’s “once in a lifetime” trip to the Land of The Ancients. This tour will run rain or shine so be prepared for both. Please note that we have “no friends” policy for all of our workshops and classes. Spouses, family members, friends, etc. who are traveling with you and who haven’t registered are unable to participate in this workshop.  I am happy to suggest ways for them to fill their day at our location.


We strictly adhere to this policy – please read and understand our policy to avoid any misunderstandings or problems – thank you! Each workshop has different policies as far as cancellations. Check each workshop page on my blog for details. Private or Semi private workshop deposits are non-refundable.

*Deposits are non refundable for this particular workshop since it is an exclusive offering – the refund policy below pertains to the balance of the workshop fee after the $400 deposit has been paid. 

65 or more days prior to the workshop date: 75% of workshop fee is refunded within 14 days. 25% is used to cover administrative costs associated with booking and registering participants.

50 – 64 days prior to event: 50% of workshop fee is refunded within 14 days

31 – 49 days prior to event: 25% of workshop fee is refunded within 14 days

30 or fewer days prior to event: Workshop fee is non-refundable (no exceptions)

There are many costs associated with booking locations, lodging and obtaining the proper photo permits that we cannot recover once paid – so I repeat again, I strictly adhere to this refund policy. If you are not sure of your plans please do not sign up until you are sure of your plans to avoid any problems or misunderstandings. No partial refunds are made for unused portions of any workshop for any reason whatsoever. No refunds are given for inclement weather – this workshop runs rain or shine, in the heat or the cold! Thank you for your understanding.

SmSego Art *Can’t make this tour date but still want to get immersed in and photograph “The Land of The Ancients” – I offer custom Workshops & Tours – please contact me for pricing and/or to discuss dates if you are interested in booking a tour.

Client Testimonial: “First let met me say that I have known Cheyenne for many years. I have joined in many of her ventures, when she was shooting stock photography in the 90’s by guiding her to the tops of the countries highest peaks and some of the most wonderful places that I have known and climbed. For these years I will always be grateful. Even then I learned a lot about photography and just what it takes to be a professional. The skill and determination that it took to take pictures while hanging off a rope on mountains like the Grand Teton, Rainier and many around the state of Utah was amazing. The Land of the Ancients Photo Workshop was payback, for all the wonderful experiences shared. This workshop centered around learning the culture and vision of a long forgotten nation of people. The only thing left are the remnants of their building skill, their art and, if lucky, a handprint or a finger impression left in the mud. We hiked into areas that were not only sacred to the Ancients but were were very secluded. Yes there were a few other hikers in some of the areas we went to, but for the most part we were alone with the spirits, or at least the feel of the spirits. To me, especially when we entered one of the remote kivas in an alcove, you could feel the spirits of the past. Exactly as Cheyenne stated in the workshop description.  I have lived in the great state of Utah for most of my life. I have traveled our deserts and have seen many wonderful sites where the ancients dwelled, but none as beautiful as the ruin, House of Fire, that Cheyenne scouted out and took us into. Along some of the cliffs we were able to see the Ancient Records these people kept from year to year and I was simply amazed at the architecture, up close, of many of the structures that are still standing. One of our moonlight jaunts at Hovenweep revealed castles that were built completely around a canyon that was several hundred feet deep. How some of this was managed is beyond me and I have been in construction for over thirty years. The precession in which the stones were fitted and placed was simply fascinating for a culture that vanished centuries ago, before the idea of any kind of power tool or heavy equipment. I know as far as photography goes, I am new to this digital age and am talking more about culture, than photo opportunities, but for those of you that are seasoned vets, this particular workshop, or any other of Cheyenne’s workshops for that matter, are not just a trip into the desert to see ruins, they are magical mystery tours, full of wonder and ideas around every corner. I learned more in that week about what it means to look through a lens than I think I ever have. It has opened up a whole new window for me and I know that I will keep doing these workshops for as long as I am able… Thank you Cheyenne for the opportunity and the patience that you showed me and I hope to see you again next year.” – Mike R.  – Springville, Utah


“Thank you for including me in your Land of the Ancients Photo Workshop. It was a magical experience that I could have never done on my own in that kind of time frame. Your humor and advice was greatly appreciated, and for someone that never shoots landscapes you have converted me into someone that now WANTS to shoot landscapes. Your patience was appreciated with my way slower pace. I hope I didn’t slow us down too much. I am still downloading and picking what to work on. I enjoyed your non-technical tips and attitude (it made things less overwhelming for me, which happens very easily). I hope to do another workshop in the future with you.” – Jay C. Denver, CO