Why I love road trips and what they have taught me

Freedom of the road

Freedom of the road

Ah, yes the open road – the freedom of going where you want when you want with no deadlines or schedules. The call of a summer road trip along the backroads and byways of the Great American Southwest is what keeps me going when the office work piles up on my desk. When my inbox overfloweth and deadlines are looming my day dreams of the road start building and bubbling up and I can feel the “pull” begin. Luckily, my job as a professional photographer whose specialty is photographing “the legend, the lore and the landscapes of the Great American Southwest”, allows me to hit the road on a regular basis. If I don’t have an assignment, a planned Photo Workshop or speaking engagement that I am heading to I can always manufacture a reason and of course, justify hitting the road. I always need more magical photos of old rusty relics or mystical landscapes – right?

I love filling my car (and yes, that is really MY little Subaru in the photo on the left) with all of the things that I think will be necessary for life on the road and really all I probably need for life at home as well. Oh wait, I love my kitchen gadgets and large computer monitor but they have to stay home and wait for me. Not only have I seen and learned heaps about the Southwest from being on the road for the last 24 years but I have also learned about simplicity. Simplicity in life – to have less is to live more! Less stuff  = less anchors = less bills = MORE time to experience life on the road and truly enjoy being and feeling ALIVE. That is how it is for me anyway, the road is where I shine and where my creativity comes to life – there is just something about not being surrounded/imprisoned by walls. Of course, if I am camping and it is super cold or the rain is pounding the top of my tent I dream of being surrounded by walls. Being an identical twin AND a Gemini my life is one of dualities, and that goes for the road too…..but I think you got that already.  As much as I love the road I know when it’s time to go home to my cozy little house in Scottsdale. Home, with all of the things that I need for my simple life and an adoring kitty who I swear is a pig dressed in a black kitty costume -yes, all of the creature comforts.

This is me JUMPING FOR JOY in New Mexico!!!

This is me JUMPING FOR JOY in New Mexico!!!


I love being on the road as illustrated in this “selfie” photo that I shot recently at magical White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. I let my inner child FREE when I am on the road and for this photo I spent the better part of an hour trying to get the shot of me in midair – ya gotta love the self-timer feature on your camera. I was laughing like a little girl and running around barefoot atop the cool white dunes – I felt SO alive. Usually before I end one road trip I have another planned. It just keeps me motivated! I leave for one of my favorite places in just a few weeks – Southern Utah – we will see how my inner child behaves on that trip.

Thank you Edward Holtgraver for shooting that fun photo of me and my car happily driving down the road in New Mexico and allowing me to use it for this post – I love it!

Happy road-tripping everyone!


To see my “photos from the road” check out my online Gallery: www.AncientLightPhotos.com


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It’s better when we “Twin Road Trip”!!

Yes it is……always fun with my twin sis but I DO love and NEED my solo road trips…easier to get WORK done! 🙂

I agree! I need to start planning some road trips for the rest of the year.

Highly eneryetic post, I loved that bit.

Will there be a part 2?