What is your “Photographic Vision”?

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We all have dreams and visions of how we want our life to unfold. When it comes to photography and creating photographs, I know for me, I hold a vision or image in my head of photographs that I would like to create. I dream of running bands of wild horses with dust flying or the perfect golden light at an inspiring canyon view or finding the perfect old truck in a field with dark moody clouds in the sky allowing me to create a powerful image. Yes, this is how I create my images, I “daydream”, funny I always got in trouble for daydreaming when I was a kid. My teachers would tell my parents that I didn’t “apply myself”, first of all I didn’t know what that meant and second of all I was too busy daydreaming to apply myself!

Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

"Horseshoe Bend"


Once I have that “vision” then I go and create, I travel the back roads and byways of the WestSouthwest “hunting and gathering” my photographs. It’s like a scavenger hunt, many times though the images that I have in my head just appear to me in a “magical” way – you’ve heard of the “Law of Attraction” – well put your dream or your vision out there and magical things will happen. People ask me if I search for all of the old trucks that I photograph and I tell them, “No, I just happen upon them in my travels”

Grant it, I DO live in a very “dreamy” part of the US, the Southwest is chock full of amazing places and things to photograph. But no matter where you live you or what your vision is you can make it happen. Take some time out of  your day and do a little daydreaming, it’s worked for me.

What is your vision? What photographs do you “daydream” about?

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