Welcome our new Affiliate: Clik Elite – Camera Bags & Packs

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I’d like to welcome a new affiliate!! I am proud to be working with Clik Elite – they offer some of the best camera bags and backpacks for us adventure photographer types.


I recently did a two week shooting road trip from Scottsdale, up through the Tetons and N Utah. On my way north I decided to stop in at Clik Elite headquarters in St George, Utah to introduce myself and get to know my new affiliate. I met with Sales Manager, Carson Young, an enthusiastic and friendly guy! We talked for a while and he gave me a tour of the product line – it was impressive! I wanted to try ALL of the things! Although the choices were many and difficult, I chose a small backpack that I thought would be perfect for my needs. I chose the Compact Sport Camera Backpack . My camera carrying needs are simple and kind of unique due to the fact that I am a small framed female and like to travel light. I don’t take my entire arsenal with me when I hit the trail to shoot. I do however, keep all of my gear in a large photo backpack from another manufacturer that I have had for years. That pack goes with me in the car but only as storage for all of my gear…it is just too big and bulky to slap on my back and hike with but it’s perfect for my gear storage…I just grab it and go when it’s time to shoot.

Clik - Compact Sport


I put the Compact Sport to the test over the 2 weeks. In heat, rain, mud, dirt, and tossing it in and out of my car. I am happy to report that I have found the perfect trail bag for me and my gear!! YAY! It fit just what I needed and a little more plus has a hydration compartment for longer hikes…I just took a bottle of water and slid it in the handy holder pocket since I wasn’t going that far! I have worked with many camera bag manufacturers over the last 25 years and have tried MANY bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, sling bags, waist bags…you name it. But the challenge has always been to find a bag that not only allowed me to take what I needed on the trail but, most importantly, BE COMFORTABLE!!! This bag did it…..I can even configure it to take more if I need it. Like I said, I travel light. Here are the product details – what’s not to love!!!

Product Features

  • Organizer panel inside camera bay gives quick access to batteries and data cards, while remaining protected from camera
  • Tuck-away rain cover
  • Streamlined design works well for outdoor sports like mountain biking, fast packing and skiing
  • Swing around access to camera bay offers quick access to equipment while on-the-move
  • Fully padded camera bay and modular organization holds a compact DSLR and lens
  • ChestPort™ and accessory compatible attachment points
  • Hydration compartment fits a 3 liter (100oz.) bladder
  • Tuck-away tripod attachments will hold a small tripod

I usually slap my camera on my tripod and another lens, loupe, glasses, small flashlight, iPhone, snacks and water in a small bag and off I go….BAM….no fuss, no muss. I also got a handy cover for my camera for this purpose – the Pro Body Wrap covers my camera in a cozy neoprene pouch so while I am snaking my way through the brush or cactus or whatever, it is protected and it keeps my cable release from falling off. This way when I get to my shooting location, I just put my tripod down, take off the wrap and start shooting! So simple and easy….just the way I like it!


If you are looking for a great way to carry your camera gear out in the field, be sure to give my friends at Clik Elite a try…and just for trying them you can save 10% off of your order – just use my discount code at checkout: CEA5210. Oh, did I mention that there is FREE domestic shipping….hello…what’s NOT to love about this company!!! Give them a try and tell ’em Cheyenne sent you……I am sure you will be as happy as I am with my new gear!!!

Website: www.ClikElite.com

10% Discount Code: CEA5210 (enter at checkout)


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