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From time to time I like to share testimonials from students and participants who have taken one of my Photo Workshops or HDR Computer Classes as well as from clients who have purchased my Fine Art Photography. It is my goal to help bring more insight and fun to photography and help individuals “see” the world in a different way. It is very satisfying when I feel like I have made a difference for a student and when they let me know – I am humbled and grateful that they trusted me to guide and teach them……thank you!




“Thank you for including me in your Land of the Ancients Photo Workshop. It was a magical experience that I could have never done on my own in that kind of time frame. Your humor and advice was greatly appreciated, and for someone that never shoots landscapes you have converted me into someone that now WANTS to shoot landscapes. Your patience was appreciated with my way slower pace. I hope I didn’t slow us down too much.

I am still downloading and picking what to work on. I enjoyed your non-technical tips and attitude (it made things less overwhelming for me, which happens very easily). I hope to do another workshop in the future with you.” – Jay C. Denver, CO


“Cheyenne’s Land of the Ancients 4 Day Photo Workshop & Tour is without a doubt the most amazing workshop I’ve ever been on. The first day included a location that is beyond belief. The images I got from this first location were worth the entire cost of the workshop itself. I took four of Cheyenne’s workshops this year and have an amazing new portfolio of images. From rusty trucks to amazing landscapes, not to mention a new mastery of HDR photography from taking her online class. There is no doubt that this 4 day workshop will end up being one of the most exciting times of your life. You will have great memories, amazing images, and a renewed sense of passion and appreciation for the beauty of the Southwest. There is no question that Cheyenne knows her Southwest. I likely would have never found most of the locations we went to without signing up for the workshops.” – Ed H. – Houston, TX


“I love your work. I happened to come across your “Dodge Bootlegger Truck” HDR photo and it has inspired me to dust off my camera equipment, purchase Photomatix and enjoy photography again. Thank you.” – Chuck, New Jersey

Dodge Bootlegger Truck


“I have to tell you how much I am enjoying working on my photographs since I took your “Turn your Photos into Fine Art” HDR course.” – Judy, Vancouver


“I was skeptical that I could ever shoot anything besides my kids and family,  I couldn’t figure out how to make photos of inanimate objects interesting to other people,  but I’m pleased with how several of my images from your Scottsdale Photo Tour turned out. You really helped me find my creative side! Thanks again for the tour and the lessons, I got a lot of perspective and I really think you helped me expand my horizons.” – Joel, Arizona


“After reading your “Stoking the Flame” article in the June issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine, I think I am going to have to re-subscribe. Cheyenne, you are the best female landscape photographer I have ever known.” – Andrew, Wisconsin


“Cheyenne – I picked up the June edition of Outdoor Photographer Magazine and thoroughly enjoyed your “Stoking the Flame” article. I had a great time in the class I took with you earlier this spring (I now have two framed photos from that class hanging in my home), and look forward to one of your outings in the fall. Proud to be a student of yours!” – Mark, Chicago


“The “Red Rock & Ruins” Photo Workshop in Sedona was fantastic – you really exceeded my expectations!  The locations that you selected really had breathtaking views!  Your knowledge of the area along with your advice on the shots really made the workshop outstanding.  I hope to have the opportunity to attend one of your other workshops in the future!” – John , Phoenix


“Hi Cheyenne,

Having read your ebook; “The Journey Back to Creativity – How HDR Changed my Life“, I was inspired (thanks to your coupon for a free print from McKenna Pro Labs) to print one of my first HDR images and wanted to share this inspiration with you. McKenna labs did a wonderful job and this print will hang proudly in my office (as soon as I can find a suitable frame). So thanks again for your inspiring book, the coupon, and all of the great photographs that you share on Facebook!” – Cheers, Robert – Arizona

Goldfield Ghost Town Workshop

“Inspiration. As a photographer, I am always seeking it. Visual inspiration from the Natural World is a wonderful thing. But to be inspired by another photographers work is always exciting. When I first saw the images created by Cheyenne L. Rouse, I was immediately drawn to her unique interpretation of the world around her. Not only does she capture poignant compositions in subtle details, but she can take an ordinary subject and turn it into magic with her use of high dynamic range ( HDR ) techniques. With this inspiration, the Southwest has become and more interesting place to explore and photograph. For one thing, I can’t pass up a classic old vehicle without stopping to do my own HDR interpretation of it. Thanks Cheyenne.” – G. Brad Lewis/Professional Photographer/www.Volcanoman.com