“Southwest Spirituality” – Churches, Crosses and Cemeteries

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Lonely Cross Fairbank Townsite, AZ

Lonely Cross

Since I picked up my camera again a few years ago I have found myself strongly drawn to photographing old churches, crosses and cemeteries throughout Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. Some think it is an odd subject matter, even morbid for one so cheerful and optimistic as myself but I find such beauty in these peaceful and sometimes ghostly places.


Mystical New Mexico

Mystical New Mexico

When I am the road shooting photos for my “Ghosts of the West” Photo Series” I frequently run across these amazingly beautiful and powerful places in all of the historic towns and sites that I go to. I even hunt for them now, I mean every historic old town has a cool old church or cemetery, right? If I see a cemetery sign I make a beeline to it.


San Geronimo Mission New Mexico

San Geronimo Mission

I spend a good bit of time traveling the back roads in New Mexico, I love the old Mission Style adobe churches there with their clean simple lines. The feeling of spirituality in Northern New Mexico is very apparent and quite powerful, that is a word that comes to mind just about every time I shoot at one of these amazing places – strong, scary, creepy, moody, dramatic, are just some other words that describe these places. It certainly helps to have stormy skies to add to the mood.

Western Chapel Arizona

Western Chapel

Photographing these places in Arizona feels different, it feels more like I am in a lonely western movie out on the plains with only ghosts and memories around me. Come on, think of the last Clint Eastwood western movie that you saw, he always seems to be riding past some lonely old church out in the middle of no where with tumbleweeds rolling by in the howling wind – I love that!


Come by Ancient Light Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona to see more of my Fine Art Photos of historic old Churches, powerful Crosses and creepy old Cemeteries.

Ancient Light Gallery Scottsdale Arizona

Ancient Light Gallery

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