Shutterbug Magazine: How to sell your Fine Art Photography

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Happy New Year everyone!!! Hard to believe how fast 2015 zoomed by. Despite El Nino weather in the SW I am knee deep into my art show season here in Arizona and already planning my art shows for the summer all over the west. I am pretty much a full time art show nomad now and on the road most of the time selling my Fine Art Photography. And yes, despite what some think, I do still have a brick and mortar place to call home in Scottsdale. I’m not THAT much of a nomad but I do consider myself quite the road warrior. In fact, in just 3 months last summer I racked up a whopping 14,000 miles on my trusty Subaru without ever leaving the west. Last summer was my 1st time towing a small cargo trailer…that was quite an adventure. I am happy to report that we made it back home without incident and I am MUCH better at backing my tiny trailer up now than I was at the beginning of the summer. I always got the trailer where I needed it to be but most times it wasn’t very pretty. Here is a shot of my trusty rig on the road – we look forward to hitting the road again come summer.

Trusty rig

I get asked a lot by other photographers how to get started doing art shows and selling their photography. Like I always say, there is no “paint by numbers” way to do it and it takes hard work, commitment and the willingness to live on the road for a while. I was asked by Shutterbug Magazine to contribute to an article on “How to Sell your Fine Art Photography” a few months ago along with a few other photographers. All of the photographers interviewed for this article have unique outlooks and ways that they sell their photography. As you will read, there is no right or wrong way to sell your photography – you just have find what works for you and the subject matter of your work. I think you will find it an interesting and informative read – just click HERE to read the article from the December 2015 issue.

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Happy shooting!!


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