Road Life = Logistics and Problem Solving 101

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Last year I made the decision to move out of my house in Arizona, put what I didn’t sell or give away into storage, and hit the road full time doing art shows in my 16ft travel trailer. Yes, it was a BIG move and a good move.

I do about 40-50 art shows a year all over the West, SW and sometimes into the Midwest. Yes, I am on the road full time, I go from town to town and city to city doing my shows. To many it seems fun, romantic and, adventurous or that I just drive around willy-nilly to shoot photos and pitch my show tent at any show I please. I hate to burst your bubble, but it is really NONE of those things. It is long hours finding and booking the shows, driving to get to the show, then finding a place to call home for a few days that isn’t packed, then getting inventory ordered, shipped and, prepared for the show, setting up for the show, actually doing the show, tearing down the show, then repeating the same process the next week. Most people really have no idea how little freedom I actually. There are so many myths about being on the road full time – it’s not a vacation when this is your J-O-B. That word isn’t really in my lexicon. Oh and I have to pay just to apply to each show and then pay a booth fee to be there…if they jury me in. So my friends, you see, it’s all a big ol crap shoot….but I am very ok with that. You might see now why I call road life, “Logistics and Problem Solving 101” …it’s a daily thing.

Oh, and in addition to ALL of that I have to stay on top of my life, office work and bookkeeping, my relationship, luckily he’s with me in his own travel trailer much of the time since we both do the same thing for a living. I also have to stay on top of my health, maintenance for both my truck and trailer, making sure propane and the generator are full at all times since I don’t have electricity much of the time. Making sure I keep track of my fresh water levels and empty ALL of the tanks (yuk) as needed. Not to mention other personal things. And Ironically, finding time to shoot photos is the hardest part. So really all of this freedom that most think I have….I don’t…but I do…..I am the boss of me and I love what I do. Yes, it is very hard backbreaking work with TOO MUCH sitting….I was told I would gain weight and I didn’t believe them…well I have….hard to fit in exercise with your sitting so much….in my truck, at my computer, at the shows. I also have to make sure I get enough sleep…that can be a challenge as many campgrounds, truck stops or overnight parking places can be VERY loud. People aren’t as considerate as I’d like them to be most of the time.

I’ve had folks at shows ask me if I make a good living doing what I do. First of all it’s really none of their business, but my reply is always this, “I do fine. Yes, I have bills to pay and life on the road is not as inexpensive as people think. But I don’t do what I do to get rich, I do it to keep my freedom and my lifestyle and to keep living my dream”….period!

Anyway, my point for this posting, and there is one, is to let you all know that I won’t be offering any photo workshops or tours for the time being. I also won’t be contributing to this blog much. BUT…and there’s always that, I am very active on my Facebook page if you’re at all interested in following my crazy, nomadic life. If your interested in attending one of my art shows, I do keep my calendar on my website up to date – just click HERE.

Now don’t get me wrong…I love what I do and love the choice that I made to hit the road. But, for those of you that know me know that I do not sugarcoat things…ever! I am a teller of the truth….I feel amazingly fortunate to do what I do for a living…it’s not for everyone but it IS for me. Who knows how long I will continue this nomadic life – my goal is to find the perfect piece of land (at least 10 acres) somewhere with no neighbors for miles. Build a cozy adobe home and enjoy my life with my man and our dogs…..if I win the Powerball tonight that will happen much faster…hehe!

Happy trails to you and maybe our paths will cross along the way – Cheyenne

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