Rainbows & Raindrops………………….Colorado Magic!

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I recently returned from a road trip that took me from White Sands, New Mexico up to Telluride, Colorado then back over and down to Scottsdale. As always I was on the hunt for “magical” photos and I came home with the “pot of gold” you could say. On my last day in Telluride I thought I would take a drive over to the always stunning Dallas Divide where I have shot photos many times, mostly early in the day since it is mainly known for great morning light. If you are lucky enough to see this place you will know that it is gorgeous at just about any time of the day! Today I decided I would try a sunset shot and with summer storm clouds brewing it promised to be dramatic. I had no idea what MAGIC was in store for me.


"Colorado Gold"

“Colorado Gold”

A little FYI about this stunning place. The “Dallas Divide” (8,983 ft) pass is a saddle between the San Juan Mountains to the south and the Uncompahgre Plateau to the north and divides the Uncompahgre River watershed from the San Miguel River watershed and Ouray County from San Miguel County. The pass takes its name from Dallas Creek which drains the basin on the north side of Mount Sneffels into the Uncompahgre River. The “Divide” is located about 12 miles west of Ridgway, Colorado on scenic Highway 62.



"Rainbows & Raindrops"

“Rainbows & Raindrops”

As I left Telluride and drove over the skies opened up and it poured – I considered turning around but thought it best to keep going and see if I could wait the rain out. I arrived in the pouring rain and pulled off into a pull out along the side of the road and situated my car so that the front of the car was facing the mountains with the fence perfectly lined up. I wanted to be ready should the rain stop and something magical happen…..like the sun popping out and making for some dramatic light on the mountains. The sound of the rain was so soothing and I had been pushing hard on this road trip so I thought a little cat nap would be nice. Living in Arizona the last 2 1/2 years I don’t often get to nap with the sound of rain anymore. I snoozed for about 20 minutes and when I woke up I looked around and noticed that there was a break in the clouds and maybe I would get a few minutes of light before the sun dropped behind the mountains. I also noticed a very slight rainbow starting to appear right in front of my car – OMG – as I watched it got brighter and brighter and then it became a DOUBLE RAINBOW……I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough and get my tripod set up to get some shots. It was still sprinkling and I hadn’t bothered to put my rain jacket on or cover my camera…I just shot and was squealing like a school girl…saying out loud; “Oh my god, would you look at this?”. There were cars speeding by and it couldn’t understand how they didn’t stop to witness this amazing sight – oh well, I had it ALL to myself – just the way I like it! After a number of shots I jumped back in the car so I wouldn’t totally soak my camera. I was still squealing like a school girl and that’s when I thought the raindrops on the windshield would make a cool foreground – so I leaned over the steering wheel and focused on the raindrops and BAM – I got the shot…I found the MAGIC…the Colorado Magic! This is my 2nd double rainbow this year and I have to say, I am feeling kind of lucky! I am kicking myself now for NOT buying at least one ticket for the HUGE $337 MILLION Powerball jackpot that was drawn last night – who knows, it might have been ME that won it – I mean I am on a winning streak of sorts.

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