Juried Photography Competition – CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS! TEXTURE is the THEME!


April 25th at midnight Pacific time!

I am excited to announce the start of my NEW Juried Photo Competitions. I plan to hold the competitions a few times a year with a new theme each time! So you might ask yourself; “Self, what’s in it for me?” – besides your work being seen by THOUSANDS of eyes from around the world – here’s what else is in it for YOU!

The GRAND PRIZE winner receives ALL of the following prizes:

*A CASH PRIZE if you are the CHOSEN one!

*My popular “Turn our Photos into Fine Art” ONLINE Photomatix HDR Class 

*BONUS! Get my NEW Just Released eBook; The Journey Back to Creativity – How HDR Changed my Life – now on iBooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

*Be the FEATURED Photographer on my Blog with one brief interview article that will include links (if available) to your website and/or social media outlets

*Your PHOTO will be FEATURED on my Facebook page with over 3000 fans to date and growing! (2 times in a one month period and possibly again for promotion when I do the next competition)

*Your PHOTO will be posted to both my Twitter and Google + pages for added exposure in addition I will post the link to our blog interview on DIGG for even MORE exposure!

*Your PHOTO will also be FEATURED in my May 2012 E-Newsletter that goes out to subscribers all over the world.

* PLUS a Tamrac MAS Padded Lens Case – the Pro 200 for long lenses

* PLUS a coupon for a FREE 16×20 Metallic Print mounted on black Foamcore from McKenna Pro Labs

*Gain EXPOSURE for your name and photography – you never know who will see your photo. Every time I post YOUR photo YOUR visible name/copyright will be on the photo and will be SEEN – more eyes to see you with my dear!

*And to top if off  – it’s FUN to WIN something and who doesn’t need a little extra $ these days not to mention a pat on the back from the photo community!!

*This is a GREAT opportunity to get NOTICED and who knows this could kick start that photography dream you have been thinking about pursing for years. My photography career was kicked off by winning the GRAND PRIZE in a photo contest way back in 1991 – winning gave me the encouragement and push that I needed – it can happen to you too!

Are you ready to get started???

Our 1st theme is TEXTURE! It’s everywhere – texture in the natural world or the man made world – I want to see YOUR BEST TEXTURE photos. (Please be tasteful – NO Nudity – aggggg…can’t beleive I even have to say that but I do) Submissions are being accepted NOW – the DEADLINE is Wednesday April 25th, 2012 – THE WINNER will be announced on my NEW Facebook page on Wednesday May 16th, 2012. (Please feel free to share the link to my blog with your photographer friends – for this contest, the more the merrier!) 

Texture in Nature

Texture in Nature


Here’s how to enter:

This contest is open to amateurs and pros alike – all styles are welcome too – just show me your BEST TEXTURE shots! Once your submission fee of $12.99 has been paid via PayPal please email the images in jpg format only to chey.rouse@gmail.com – PayPal button is below.

Please submit images that for the TEXTURE THEME ONLY – NO “off theme” or nudity please – I don’t care WHAT kind of “texture” they show! The photo needs to show some sort of obvious texture….it should not have to be “figured out” or guessed what the texture is. You may submit up to 10 photographs for only $12.99 – this submission fee covers the CASH PRIZE as well as administrative fees. Each image is to be no larger then 1200 pixels on the long side, 72 dpi – so a SMALL jpg please.  Please include your LAST NAME in the file name (i.e. Cactus Texture_Rouse.jpg) so I know who’s is who’s. All emailed entries must be submitted in JPEG format with an unopened size of 1mb or less. PLEASE ATTACH the images to the email – DO NOT cut/paste them INTO the email. You must submit the actual image file, not a link or other type of file as an attachment.

DISCLAIMER: If an image file is not received in the format and size stated in the “rules”  or is not readable, the entry will be immediately disqualified, NO REFUND of the entrance fee will be given and no notice will be sent. SO PLEASE double check that you have everything done correctly in your email BEFORE you click on that SEND button! :o)

Also, you retain the copyright of your photos, I urge you to put your © copyright info on the photo but not so it is SO distracting that the jury has a hard time seeing the image. If a copyright notice (i.e. © First Name/Last Name) is not on the winning image I will add it for you…..I am ALL about protecting a photographers copyright!!!! All images NOT chosen for finalists will be deleted from our system and after the winner is chosen all finalists images will then be deleted!

Cash Prize – The cash prize fund is 10% of the total submission fund – the more photos submitted the larger the PRIZE you WIN!!!  YAY – so be sure to tell all of your photo friends!!!!

Submission Fee for up to 10 photos is only $12.99 – just click the “BUY NOW” button for quick and easy payment on PayPal!

Journey Back to Creativity - eBook

Journey Back to Creativity - eBook

Here is the boring legal stuff that my attorney told me that I had to put!
By entering this juried photography competition, you agree to all of the rules of this competition and to all of the legal terms and conditions listed below. This juried photography competition is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.As an entrant in this juried photography competition, it is your responsibility to demonstrate that you are eligible to enter (18 and older please) and to comply with the entry instructions and other juried photography competition rules set forth herein. Any violation (i.e. nudity – it will be disqualified ASAP with NO refund of entrance fee – NO exceptions!) of the competition rules may result in your disqualification, in the sole discretion of Cheyenne L Rouse Photography Cheyenne L Rouse Photography reserves the right to disqualify you if, among other reasons, you breach the warranties you are required to make, you have failed to secure permission from persons whose recognizable images appear in the photo, or your entry is lost, late, misdirected, incorrect, garbled or incompletely received, for any reason whatsoever, including by reason of hardware, software, browser or network failure, malfunction, congestion or incompatibility with our servers. Cheyenne L Rouse Photography further reserves the right to disqualify you, and to seek damages against you to the fullest extent permitted by law, if you intentionally or recklessly damage or tamper with the entry process or operation of the web site or otherwise undermine the legitimate operation of the competition, or attempt to do so. Such actions may violate criminal and civil laws.
In the event that Cheyenne L Rouse Photography cannot complete the juried photography competition as planned, Cheyenne L Rouse Photography reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the juried photography competition. This could be due to technical failures, tampering, or other causes beyond the control of Cheyenne L Rouse Photography that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the juried photography competition.By entering this juried photography competition, you agree to release Cheyenne L Rouse Photography and its affiliates, and their officers, directors, agents, attorneys, employees and representatives, from any and all liability for any claims, demands, causes of action, damages, judgments or settlements, or for any losses or injury to earnings, profits, or goodwill, or for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages, including attorney’s fees and court costs, other than entrants out-of-pocket expenses (if any) associated with entering the competition, arising out of or relating to this juried photography competition, your access or lack of access to the Cheyenne L Rouse Photography web site, or in connection with any prize won, any misuse or malfunction of any prize awarded, or any use by Cheyenne L Rouse Photography of the photographs submitted.The winner will be required to execute and return to Cheyenne L Rouse Photography an Affidavit of Eligibility/Release of Liability Acceptance Form within ten (10) days or notification of selection as a prize winner. The Affidavit and Release will, among other things and as required under these competition rules, certify the prize winner’s eligibility to enter the competition, rights in the photograph submitted, and ability to grant rights in the photo to Cheyenne L Rouse Photography; Grant the right to publish and use the photo in the blog interview, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, without further consent of or compensation to the winner and/or any person whose recognizable image appears in the photography. Failure to sign and return an Affidavit and Release to Cheyenne L Rouse Photography within ten (10) days of notification may result in disqualification and the selection of an alternate winner. The winning photograph may appear on the Cheyenne L Rouse Photography blog, and also may be used by Cheyenne L Rouse Photography for future publicity in conjunction with future competitions. 
Photographer retains all ownership and copyright of their photo – the only rights granted will be spelled out in this post. 
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I will be uploading later on tonight or tomorrow. I will make it a point to share with some of the networks I belong to too.

Thank you Andrew….yes SHARE this contest with ALL of your PHOTO friends……………the entries are coming in and there are so stunning photos….this is going to be FUN! :o)

Texture to me means a overlay texture on photo, does this count?

Hey Chad – with all of the great contenders who are sending in great texture photos found in nature and man made a photo with a texture overlay might get overlooked……

Will we be able to see the entries? I may have read to fast but, did not see any reference to it.

Torrey, No I won’t be posting the entries just the GRAND PRIZE winner……..I hope you will enter…thanks!