Just Released! NEW! Bullet Hole Limited Edition Photo Series – Only 25 available!

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“Drop it!” Bullet Hole Collector’s Series

Exclusive Limited Edition


25 Fine Art Photographs

I am proud to announce the release of an Exclusive Limited Edition Collector’s Photo Series. In January 2013 I printed my 1st “Drop it!” photo on Aircraft Grade Aluminum, it was an instant hit at my art shows across the West & Southwest. This year I decided to take this popular photo to the next level and create a one-of-a-kind Collector’s Limited Edition Art piece. And boy did I!

SmDrop it! Bullet Series

Here is a little about the lengthy process that goes into making each and every piece in this Exclusive Limited Edition. To begin, the photograph is printed on a 16″x16″ piece of Aircraft Grade Aluminum (metal). Then I searched high and low for an expert marksman who could shoot a bullet hole in the metal photo. Through a referral from a friend I found an Ex SWAT and Tactical Team Instructor who was up for the task. It was a little odd explaining my “artists vision” to this imposing Ex SWAT man but he seemed to think it might be fun to assist me with this project. My idea was to shoot a bullet hole in the cowboys hat making him so angry that he wanted to shoot back, hence, the bullet hole edition idea of “Drop it!” was born. You really can’t get more WILD WEST than this! 

After much planning and scheduling Gary aka the expert Marksman, and I finally set the date to get together and “shoot the cowboy”. I wasn’t even sure if this would work or if the bullet might destroy the photo – it was a bit nerve wracking but I was prepared to sacrifice this one photo if it didn’t work. After the set up Gary then skillfully and precisely shot the bullet hole with a .44 Magnum exactly where I wanted it – his aim could not have been more precise and perfect! I am so glad he provided me with ear protection because it was LOUD! I looked like Princess Leia with those “cinnamon buns” on my ears but I was glad I had them. I have a short video of the shooting process that will take place for each photo in this unique series. Click the link to go to  YouTube

Gary shooting filmstrip

Once the shooting process is complete it’s time for me to assemble the piece. I had a metal artist make me a custom 20″x20″ 18 gauge metal backing for each photo. The artist rusted each piece to get the perfect patina to compliment the photo and give it that rustic Wild West look. Once I receive the backing I then prepare the metal photo to be mounted to it. I carefully measure and mount the photo to the rusted metal backing and when it’s complete, the photo stands out from the rusted metal backing 1/4″ to highlight the bullet hole. Yes, you can see the rusty metal through the bullet hole – very eye-catching! And finally, I add a hanging wire to the back of each photo and then sign and number each piece on both the front and the back. So as you can see there is a lot of work (and passion) that goes into each piece. Each photo in this Limited Edition series of 25 pieces is a one of a kind creation. No two will ever be exactly the same making it perfect for that discriminating art collector or Old West enthusiast. Once the edition reaches 25 it is considered SOLD OUT and will not be produced again. I will provide a signed Certificate of Authenticity for each piece upon delivery, adding additional value to this Collector’s Mixed Media Art piece. 

Bullet hole - front1

Starting TODAY I will be taking reservations for each piece in this series. Or you can pre-purchase editions #2-#6. I will have editions #2 – #6 ready for delivery in approximately 3-4 weeks. Currently #1 is reserved and #’s 2-25 are available for pre-purchase or reservations at this time. I am only offering this Limited Edition Collector’s piece through my art shows, this posting and on select social media platforms. It is not available through my website. This Limited Edition Series is sure to sell out fast so be sure to reserve yours today. You can either call (435.640.6880) or email me to get your order started. I will only be making 4 or 5 pieces at a time over the next 4-6 months. I will let you know what edition number I am at in the series when you reserve or purchase your piece. I will also give you an estimate on when your piece will be completed. For editions #2 – #6 full payment is required, for editions #7 – #25 a 50% deposit is required to hold the piece, you will be invoiced via PayPal for the balance when the piece is ready to be produced. I’m sorry but deposits are non-refundable for these Exclusive Limited Edition pieces. Once you reserve a piece it is taken out of the inventory and considered SOLD! So please be sure of your purchase prior to making your deposit to avoid any problems. Thank you!

*Pricing for each Limited Edition piece: $645 (+S/H)

*Purchase or Reserve your piece BEFORE October 10th, 2014: $595    (+S/H)

Title: “Drop it!” – Bullet Hole Series Mixed Media Art Photograph
16″x16″ Metal photograph
20″x20″ Rusted metal backing
1/4″ standout from metal
Hanging wire installed/hanging loops are also welded to the back
Hand Signed & Numbered – Certificate of Authenticity provided

Price: $595 (S/H) BEFORE October 10th, 2014
Price: $645 (S/H) AFTER October 10th, 2014


Email or Call me at 435.640.6880 – Don’t miss this Exclusive Limited Edition Collector’s piece. These make GREAT gifts too! Order NOW to get yours in time for the holidays! Please forward this blog posting to any of your friends and family that you think might be interested in this Limited Edition Series.


Please contact me with any questions – I am here to help!

Thank you for your continued support – Cheyenne

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