Interview with Terri Hanshew, the Grand Prize Winner of our 1st Juried Photo Competition

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Congratulations again to Terri Hanshew of Phoenix, AZ for winning the Grand Prize in our 1st Juried Photo Competition. Our theme was “texture” and Terri’s photo entitled; “Ice” was the runaway favorite with the judges…..nice work Terri!

How long have you been interested in photography?

I have been taking pictures ever since I was a young girl. The earliest picture I still have was taken with my Mom’s instamatic. It is of my cousin in a floppy suede hat in a cornfield near our homes in the early 70’s.

What was your 1st camera?

My first camera was a Yashica. It was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was about 13 years old and I was so excited to get it. I still have it almost 40 years later.

What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

My favorite subjects to photograph are nature and children. I also enjoy macro photography, which allows you to get very close to nature and see things you generally don’t notice. I’m continually amazed at how much is going on inside a flower or a piece of glass. And I love trying to capture the personality of young children. It makes me happy to take a photo of a child that becomes one of their parents’ favorites

Where did shoot the beautiful ICE photo that won Grand Prize? Tell us about it.

The ice photo was taken in Greer Arizona. We had traveled there in February with friends for the second year in a row to enjoy some winter weather in a cozy cabin. There is a wonderful quality to the light in Greer, amazing shadows. The ice photo is surprisingly part of a common snow bank. My husband and I had gone for a hike and the photo was taken as we walked back to the cabin. There were quite high snow banks on each side of the road and driveway from plowing. The photo shows a tiny portion of some ice that had formed and the snow behind it.  The blue reflections are sky and the brown dots are dirt from the road. Though I normally use a tripod for macro work, it was taken hand held. I think it shows the magic of macro photography, where you can get so close to something, you see it in a new way. In this one snow bank generally just driven by, I took this photo, and another I call Snow Angel, where the snow looked just like an angel with wings.

What is one of your favorite memories associated with photography?

I remember always having my camera with me growing up in the farmlands of Ohio. I have some wonderful photos of my sister and cousins laughing at me as they posed near waterfalls, perched near trees and sat in cornfields as I mentioned earlier.

Is this just a serious hobby for your or do you plan on pursuing this as a vocation?

Photography has been a serious hobby for me for many years, but I have always planned to pursue it more earnestly as I started working less.

To see more of Terri’s photography be sure to visit her Flickr page:

We are already planning our 2nd Juried Photo Competition and will announce details in the fall – but you might want to keep an eye out for great  shadows…..that’s all I’m sayin! Thanks again to everyone that entered their beautiful photos of TEXTURE and made this 1st of many Juried Photo Competitions are BIG SUCCESS!

Happy Shooting – Cheyenne

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