Funky Photo Fun with my iPhone and Olloclip

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Just Bee! Olloclip - Macro

Just Bee! Olloclip – Macro

You know all of those FUN photos that I shoot with my iPhone? The funky fisheye ones of trucks and landscapes and the cool macro shots of bees and flowers? Well I use a super handy little 3-in-1 lens for my iPhone 4S called an Olloclip – it’s a macro, wide-angle and fisheye lens all in one!!! You just slide it over the camera lens of your iPhone 4/4S or 5 and start snapping – the results are amazing. It’s my little secret weapon for getting super fun and creative photos out in the field when I can’t be at my desk uploading photos from my “big girl” camera. I love the creativity this little gadget has given me!!! Oh, and now they make a cool case for your phone that has a corner that just flips up….so innovative….here is a LINK to the site so you can get your very own OLLOCLIP! 


"Vineyard Ford" - Olloclip - Fisheye

“Vineyard Ford” – Olloclip – Fisheye



“Vineyard Ford”
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