Dust Storms, Haboobs & Lightning…..Oh My!

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Massive Dust Storms Roars into Scottsdale

Massive Dust Storms Roars into Scottsdale


What started out as a peaceful and quiet Saturday afternoon this past weekend quickly turned VERY exciting here in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the summer time it is not usual to get dust storms (aka Haboobs) from time to time. They are created by outflow winds from powerful thunder storms that are common during the “monsoon” season from July – Sept. These strong winds kick up the dry desert dust and/or sand and push it ahead and this massive wall of dust can sometimes be the result. I was out on my back patio and saw it coming in from the east – the color of the sky starts to change ahead of it – so I knew something was coming. So of course, I grabbed my camera and headed east about 3 miles to the Indian Reservation where there are 360 views and BAM – the monster was rolling right for me – it was MASSIVE. It rolled in FAST and I took shelter in my car just in time but not before I got some dramatic photos and video not to mention sand in my eyes & mouth – I am still chewing on it! So many people who don’t live in the desert are intrigued by this awe-inspiring phenomenon so I thought I would share. Below are more photos from this crazy “phenom”.

Dust storm - AZ 7/21/12

Dust storm – AZ 7/21/12


Indian School Rd - Scottsdale

Indian School Rd – Scottsdale


My video is posted on YouTube – have a look: 



We also had a GREAT lightning show last night – the photo below is of Camelback Mt in Scottsdale. What a great day it was to be a photographer – now to go clean all of the dust and branches off of my patio before the next one hits! 


Camelback Lightning

Camelback Lightning

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