Doing it Right – Ron Pelton Jr & Sharon Breshears

From time to time I like to cruise through the News Feed on Facebook and see what is going on in the Facebook world. With almost 7000 “Friends & Followers” on Facebook I don’t often get a chance to do that since it is a full time job just managing my own page. Every now and then when I am in the middle of cruising the News Feed I am stopped by an image that catches my eye for one reason or another. Yes, there are the images posted by the Pros that are always gorgeous but it’s the ameatur and serious hobbyists that I like to watch. I thought I would take the time to give a few photographers and pat on the back and say “good job”. I have chosen two photographers who just happen to be former HDR students of mine….one I knew about since we have become friends and the other I had forgotten that she took my “Turn your Photos into Fine Art” Online HDR Class early last year until she reminded me when I contacted her about this blog post. So as a proud teacher,  allow me to “show off” my former students and let them know that I think they are “Doing it Right”…good job and keep shooting!

Below are short interviews and a photo from Ron Pelton, Jr and Sharon Breshears

Ron Pelton Jr is an Arizona native and I have watched his imagery just keep getting better and better! Good Job Ron…you definitely have drive and passion for your work!!!!

When did first pick up a camera and what made you fall in love with photography?

“My first camera was a Kodak Colorburst and I hated that I could not get the same type of picture that I was seeing in my minds eye with that camera. My next camera was a Canon AE-1 35mm in 1983 from my parents. I used to look at  Arizona Highways (still do) and always dream that one day I would have an image in the magazine. I love art work and soon found that I could capture what I was seeing with a camera.  I found a passion inside to bring the beauty of our beautiful state to other people who for many reasons may not have the chance to see areas of Arizona and what it has to offer.”

 Where were you born and raised?

“Born in Winslow, Arizona. Spent some time outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico”

 What subjects do you love to photograph the most?

“Any and all landscapes in the Southwest. I also enjoy night photography and have found it has really helped me understand the power and the magic of light.”

 Are you self-taught or did you have some training?

“Pretty much self- taught. My Dad, Ron Sr. and I used to talk about f-stops and other photo related subjects but I really never understood all of that until I went out and shot then made corrections the next time out.”

 What inspires you?

“To see images that pro photographers have shot and then go out and strive to shoot it as well or better. I learned this little lesson from Cheyenne Rouse. I am very blessed to have a following of my work and the support of my images. It drives me harder to become better at composition and processing my images I see in my mind. I learn something every time I go out and shoot.”

You can see more of Ron’s work on his website:

Sharon Breshears just picked up a camera a few years ago and her talent just keeps getting stronger and stronger! Good Job Sharon!!!!

When did you first pick up a camera and what made you fall in love with photography?

“In 2008, I was blessed with a trip to Israel and Jordan. I fell in love with colors, lighting and textures! I was amazed at the beautiful photos I was able to capture with an inexpensive point and shoot camera. In February of 2012, I finally decided to take up photography as a hobby. I bought a Canon 7D and have shot photos nearly every day since.”

 Where were you born and raised?

“I am a native Idahoan.”

What subjects do you love to photograph the most?

“I love nature and landscape photography. I especially love to chase the morning and evening light.”

 Are you self-taught or did you have some training?

“I am mostly self-taught. I am a graphic artist and owned my own screen printing and embroidery business for many years. It was a natural for me to learn to use Elements 11 and Photomatix. I used Photomatix HDR software for a few months before coming in contact with Cheyenne Rouse on Facebook. I then signed up for her online ‘Turn Photos into Fine Art’ Online HDR Class. This class helped reinforce what I had already learned and also taught me some new HDR techniques.”

 What inspires you?

“My inspiration comes from God’s Word, the Holy Bible. When I am out enjoying a nature photo shoot, a scripture passage is brought to mind as I witness God’s beauty unfold around me.  When I share my photos I love to share the particular scripture or inspirational quote that inspired each photo.”


Congrats to both you – keep shooting beautiful photos and bringing your artistic vision to the world! Oh and BTW, I did not ask either Ron or Sharon to mention me or that they took my class in their interviews – it just worked out that way.

Happy shooting everyone!


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Ronnie is also a very good artist all of his drawings and paintings are beautiful! When he was in high school his calligraphy blew everyone away! He has such an eye for detail!

Thank you again Cheyenne, glad I got to know you as a photographer but as a friend as well. So far it has been a adventure and feel very positive about following my real passion in life. It means the world to me to have a photographer of your level notice my work as well as Sharon’s. Sally you are making my blush now ..

You are very welcome Ron! 🙂