UPDATE: SOLD 11/11/13!!! 6 Gently Used Black Felt Panels + 3 NEVER USED Black Felt Panels = 9 GREAT panels for your Art Show booth.


Last October I began doing Art Shows here in Scottsdale and was on a very tight budget so I had to find an affordable solution to making my booth. I searched and searched and finally found my solution – this is it!!!! I carefully made these “faux pro panels” from a great blog post I found on the web…I followed the building instructions perfectly and they were PERFECT for an entire season (Oct – May) of Art Shows (2 weekly) here in Scottsdale. AZ. I used only 6 in my booth at a time but I DO have 9 fully built ready to go.

Each panel is made out of a lightweight yet durable wooden screen door (36″x80″) – I then stapled heavyweight wire mesh to the front of each door then carefully wrapped the doors in heavy weight black felt. Each corner of the panel (on the top/back) has a long velcro strap so you can velcro them right to the canopy (the scissor part). I have a double diamond (the scissor part) EZ UP canopy and the panels fit like a glove. I even did shows with HEAVY winds and NO problem..if I felt nervous I would add a long black bungee (hooking several together works too) across the top of the panel just for added safety and that worked fine. I used curtain hooks to hang even the heaviest framed photos and the panels worked great…..I transported them to and from the shows on the roof of my Subaru Forester…I just piled them on top and strapped them down with ratchet straps….so quick and easy! They are light enough that you can carry two of them at a time. The black panels look so nice as a backdrop for art work…people were always shocked when I told them that I made them from wooden screen doors…they look THAT GOOD! I even wrapped the bottom of each panel with a thick plastic to safeguard them from wear and tear as well as water! PS: these are NOT freestanding panels…

Art Bridge

These panels are in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona and ready to be picked up. I am asking $350 FIRM (time to make them and cost of materials only) – NEW Pro Panels were SOOO $$$ (over $1500) and these worked perfectly for my 1st season of Art Shows..if you are just starting out this is a great and inexpensive way to get your booth ready! I just recently upgraded my booth with mesh panels so I am no longer in need of these panels. For panel detail scroll down – contact me ASAP with questions or if you are interested in purchasing these great panels!

Panel Detail

Panel Detail

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These panels look great…Do you have any for sale?

Hi Linda – They were great…a lot of work to make but I just sold them last week…….thanks!