Come see me at the 2014 La Jolla Festival of the Arts in June!

I am proud and very excited to announce that I have been accepted into the 2014 La Jolla Festival of the Arts on June 21-22, 2014 in lovely La Jolla, CA. I will be exhibiting and selling Limited Edition Fine Art Photographs of the Great American Southwest and ALL that makes up this unique region of the country. I will also be debuting a one-of-a-kind 3D Mixed Media Art piece at this show – I’ll give you one hint…..1964 VW Beetle! You will just have to come see what I am talking about!

La Jolla F of A


The La Jolla Festival of the Arts will be held on June 21 & 22, 2014 on the UC San Diego Warren Field. I hope to see you there…just look for photos of sweeping Southwestern Landscapes and gorgeous Rusty Trucks and that is where you will find me.

For more info:

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NEW! IRELAND Photo Tour – Come Join Me!

Cheyenne L Rouse & Strabo Photo Tours present

Ireland in HDR

May 21st-31st, 2015

SmIreland collage

Come learn and travel with Cheyenne L. Rouse and Strabo Photo Tour Collection to Ireland. As a sponsored HDR Specialist for Photomatix HDR software, Cheyenne will share with you her tips & tricks for making your travel photos come to life with HDR. Not interested in learning HDR? No problem – it’s not a deal breaker since the informal HDR presentations in the evening are entirely optional. But if you DO want to learn about the magic of HDR and how to take your creativity to a whole new level, what better place to improve our HDR skills than on the Emerald Isle. And any skill level is welcome – whether you are a beginner, avid shutterbug or accomplished professional this tour is for you - bring your $5000 DSLR, your Smartphone or your Point and Shoot camera…it doesn’t matter. Our relaxed pace tour will afford everyone the opportunity to shoot some amazing photos and see some amazing sites!

Click HERE for all of the details – don’t miss this MAGICAL Photo Tour!

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“In the Shadow of the Superstitions” Half-Day Photo Workshop – AZ

It’s here!!!! My NEW “In the Shadow of the Superstitions” Half Day Photo Workshop. Are you going to be in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area for just one or two days this winter/spring? Have you always dreamt about shooting photos of the iconic West and Southwest that you have only seen in old western movies? Let me help you get those photographs! Join me for this half day private or semi private Photo Workshop in the shadow of the magical Superstition Mountains just 30 minutes east of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Click HERE to find out all of the details about this WILD WEST WORKSHOP that runs weekly (by appt only) through May 3rd 2014!!! Come on…let’s go kick up some dust!

Below are just some of the photos that I can help you get!!!! 


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SAVE 50% NOW on my “Turn your Photos into Fine Art” Online HDR Class – Photomatix!

“Turn your Photos into Fine Art” Online Photomatix HDR Class 2.0
LEARN HDR TODAY with me, a Sponsored HDR Specialist with Photomatix HDR Software! SAVE 50% on this class – for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Turn THIS:

Shooting for HDR


Into THIS:

Dodge Bootlegger Truck

HDR Dodge Bootlegger Truck

Save $$$ and learn HDR today!! I created this class for Photomatix versions 3 through 4.2. Yes, Photomatix 5.0 was recently released but you can STILL learn ALL that you need to learn to begin applying HDR techniques to your photographs….the 5.0 software update has a few new tweaks, nothing that this class won’t get you ready for…so why not start NOW! My updated (version 3.0) online HDR class will be offered at the full price of $75 when it is released in late February – why not save $$$$ and learn NOW for only $32.50!!! (Class 2.0 version is regularly priced at $64.99) Click HERE to get started!!!

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How I spent the 1st day of 2014………Yes, of course it involved my camera!

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Wow – it’s been a while since I posted anything. I was so busy with holiday stuff; traveling, shopping, visiting, eating, drinking, traveling some more, etc…you get it…I am sure you were doing the same. Now that the holiday dust is settling I thought a good way to start the year was with some location scouting along the Salt River not far from my home in Scottsdale. I live just next to the Salt River Indian Reservation and I always find beautiful spots out there to shoot – while this spot is just on the edge of the Rez, this lazy river flows right through it then into Scottsdale then on into Phoenix. I bet you didn’t know we had a RIVER like this flowing through the Phoenix Metro area?!?!? Although by the time it gets into Phoenix there is not much, if any, water left…it gets diverted into the 130 miles of canals and waterways that we have here in the Valley of the Sun and is used for our drinking water and irrigation. Click on the link to see a quick video of my new favorite spot that I found yesterday: Salt River video

Here is a photo that I shot of a peaceful reflection at sunset with my iPhone….enjoy and I wish you Health, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity and Simplicity in the coming year…..oh, and tons of AMAZING adventures and photo opps!

Salt River iPhone shot


Be well and be safe….Cheyenne

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The Magic and Mystery of the Southwest…’s what I LIVE for!

To me there is nothing more mystical and magical than shooting photos at the many ancient ruins and sacred places that are scattered throughout the Southwest. Living in the region since 1989 and having studied the Ancient Cultures of the Southwest for many years, I love to sneak off and commune with the Ancient Ones any chance that I have. Luckily my work takes me to most of these places.

SmHand of Time


Having been born and raised in Miami, Florida and spending the first 30 years of my life there, I was unexplainably and immediately captured by the amazing history and mystical feel of the Southwest the very first time I visited it back in 1989. So much so that when I returned home to Miami after that trip I sold all of my worldly belongings and what I did not sell I put in my little car and drove west. At the time I had a successful kids clothing design business with my twin sister in Miami but I walked away from all of it to follow my heart and pursue my passion. It did not go over very well with my family but I knew I had to move west, it was my calling and it was time. In high school I took some photography classes and instantly fell in love with spending hours in the darkroom and the creativity of it all. Those classes captured me like no other class I ever took and I finally knew that I found something I was good at. After high school though I do not touch a camera for years but I knew that I had to try to make a living when I moved west so that is when I decided to pick up the camera again and see if I could carve out some sort of living for myself. So that is exactly what I set out to do and that is what I did. For the last 23+ years I have been exploring and photographing the remote reaches of the Southwest and loving every minute of it. One of the most magical things to me is to explore and shoot photographs in the mystical places once inhabited by the Anasazi or as we now call them, the Ancestral Puebloans.

SmChey shooting at FK-2_Snapseed

I love searching out ancient Kivas and mystical ruins and spending time there feeling what it must’ve been like to be there hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Some of these places are so powerful and you can still feel the spirits of those who were there before. When I shot the photo below in a Kiva at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado it was a very magical moment. When I climbed down into the Kiva there were several people down there, it was summertime and it was very crowded. As the people climbed up the ladder I watched as the dust from the Kiva floor was kicked up and the minute the people got off the ladder a beam of light shined straight down into the Kiva and mixed with the dust, that is when the magic happened. With only seconds to spare before someone else climbed down into the subterranean chamber, I pushed the person next to me out-of-the-way (nicely), leaned up against the Kiva wall, held my breath and shot as many photos as I could and I shoot fast! Luckily I had my wide angle lens on which is why I needed as much room as possible and had to gently nudge that person out of the way! I was NOT going to mess up this photo opp. After the “opp” was over the person that I had gently nudged out of the way looked at me and said, “I don’t know where you just went but you were glowing, it’s as if the suns energy was going through you when you shot that photo” and I said, “Well, at times I do feel like I am channeling some ancient energy when I shoot some of these photos because I don’t often know how I get the results that I get. I know that sounds very twilight zoney but it’s true. At times I feel like a vessel translating an ancient message with my camera. It is a very powerful experience to feel like that and I feel very fortunate that I am able to be aware and feel that feeling!” They just looked at me and climbed up the ladder, I’m sure that they thought I was a nut. And I am sure it was way more info than they needed…….Oh well…it’s the truth!

Kiva Light


I have been lucky to shoot this amazing light beam in several Kivas around the Southwest as well as travel into some very remote ruins that are not on any map. I just show up at the right time and BAM….the magic happens. Last year I thought long and hard about putting together a very small Photo Workshop to take some people into some of these places that are so meaningful to me. I was a little hesitant at first because I wanted to make sure whoever I took into these places felt the same reverence and respect for them that I did. Maybe that was a lot to ask but I thought if I didn’t find the right people or they did not find me then I just would not do the workshop and that was okay. It has to be right! But I did find two very special people to do my first Land of the Ancients Photo Workshop & Tour that I held last September, it was perfect. They agreed to keep some of my “secrets” and not divulge a few of the places that I shared with them since I don’t want these magical places to become overrun with crowds – ever! I have decided that I will be doing another one of these magical workshops, or as I call them Exclusive Workshops in June 2014. We meet in Moab and for 4 days I immerse you in the magic and mystery of the ancient Southwest. If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in that part of the Southwest and return home with magical photos then this is the workshop for you. Be sure to visit my workshop page and read all about this magical offering, you can even read the testimonials of the people that did it last year. One word of caution though, there is some very rugged hiking involved in getting to some of these remote places and I have to pre approve anybody that is interested in doing the workshop via telephone. I cannot take chances with your health and welfare or anybody else’s on the trip, including mine, so I cannot be too careful about this.

SmLand of the Ancients 16x20

I look forward to sharing these magical places with you. Please visit my Photo Workshop page for more information about my “Land of the Ancients” 4 Day Exclusive Photo Workshop & Tour. 

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A Star is Born – my Mini Metals made the News!

Last weekend at the Artisans Market here in Scottsdale, AZ we celebrated Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is the brainchild of American Express and is a nationwide event, I am sure you saw some of the commercials on TV. The event is all about getting people to shop local and shop small, all in an effort to support small local business and to keep our shopping dollars right here in our communities where they can do the most good. I am happy to report that the day was a huge success, the market was abuzz with happy shoppers and all of the Phoenix TV stations were there too. I am also happy to report that my booth and photographs made ALL of the local news stories that night! Yippeee!!!!

Artisan Market - Scottsdale, AZ

Artisan Market – Scottsdale, AZ


The Artisan Market is a bi-weekly art show along the Scottsdale Waterfront in Old Town Scottsdale that I participate in from Nov – May, this is my 2nd season at the market. It is a great place to come see local artisans showing and selling their unique products. From photography to jewelry to scarves to candles and so much more – you can always find something amazing here! Check out the coverage of the market that made the news.

Channel 12 Chey

Here I am talking about Canyon de Chelly with these folks from Michigan who had never seen anything like that before. Click HERE to see the entire news story that was on Channel 12.

And here I am showing off one of my most popular art show products! My adorable Mini Metal photographs have been a hit since I introduced them last spring. Click HERE to see the entire news story that was on Channel 3.

Channel3 Chey

So yes, a STAR was born…No, not me silly…MY Mini Metals…this was their 1st TV appearance and I am SO proud of them! You can purchase your own Mini Metal Fine Art Photograph from my Etsy Store. I am offering FREE SHIPPING on my Mini Metals from my Etsy Store until December 13th!!! Get ‘em while they are HOT!

If you will be in the Scottsdale area this winter season be sure to come on by the Artisan Market and say “Hi!”. Click HERE to see my entire Art Show schedule.

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Cheyenne :)


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